Former President Donald Trump stopped a hair short of declaring himself a candidate for 2024 on Sunday, but told a conference of conservative supporters he’s already laying the groundwork for a third presidential campaign.

Bookending a 90-minute campaign-style speech with not-so-subtle hints of his future plans, Trump reassured the Conservative Political Action Conference that he had no plans to go away or to start a third party.

Trump’s central argument is that he’s the best candidate to win in 2024 because -- according to him -- he never lost the 2020 election. Trump spent about half of the speech reciting false claims of election fraud in 2020, quipping, “Who knows? I may even decide to beat them a third time.”

After extended criticism of the new Biden administration and a return to the issues that defined his years in the White House, such as illegal immigration and the U.S.-Mexico border wall, he closed the speech by declaring that a Republican would win in 2024, adding with a smirk, “I wonder who that could be?”


Source: Bloomberg